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Reblog this if you rerack your fucking weights.
Happy monday :3

hey tumblr babes so I went hiking with the boy today and it was so fun and amazing we went on an 8.5k hike up a mountain and went swimming in the lake at the top! I pussied out of jumping off the rocks but waded in instead lol still working on my fear of heights but I was able to climb up them so that’s some progress atleast.
now just waiting for the boy to get back from picking up some kayaking equipment, and then we are having our cheat night with pizza and watching true blood/the leftovers.
hopefully he hurries cos im starving!!
my vacation is basically over, I go back to work tomorrow so that’s kinda lame but whatever.
had a really good vacation :) our time in the mountains was wonderful and it was really relaxing to have some time to myself. lalala hope your Mondays are going great im off to find pizza


i just want colorful sportsbras and spandex…the whole nike store…and nice abs, is that too much to ask for????

Hi tumblies 😘

How is your Sunday going? Mine is amazing! 😁
Dying from leg day yesterday but so worth it, getting back into the gym after five days off was amazing.
Then when I went to the gym today, the cute gym guy remembered my member number :3 not like anything would happen cos I’ve got the boy but this guy is super cute and very nice and now he memorized my seven digit member code lol wit
So that was cool
And im having salmon and huckleberry wine for dinner and got a chick flick the boy agreed to watch
AND were going hiking tomorrow! Hurrayyyyy
Its been a really good vacation babes. Just what I needed.


I suffer from that syndrome where your neutral expression makes it look like you’re an angry serial killer

Friend/Family Member:  So, I wanna lose weight.
Me:  *slams down binder of fitness/weight loss facts and charts* I CAN TELL YOU EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW EVER ABOUT ANYTHING
"If your heart’s desire is for an intimate partner, the Holy Spirit might send someone who isn’t the ultimate intimate partner for you, but rather something better: someone with whom you are given the opportunity to work through the places in yourself that need to be healed before you’re ready for the deepest intimacy. The belief in special love leads us to discount anything we don’t see as “ultimate relationship” material. I’ve overlooked some diamonds that way, failing to take advantage of situations that would have only served to speed up my growth. We sometimes fail to work on ourselves in the relationships that are right in front of us, thinking that “real life” begins when they get here. This is just a ploy of the ego once again, making sure that we’ll seek but not find."
-Marianne Williamson (via mindofataurus)